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Timberland Restaurant 

For Table Reservations and Take Out orders please call 433-2480 in advance

Timberland Restaurant Menu

~~~Salads, Soups & Appetizers~~~

Caesar, Greek, Spinach or Tossed Salad 10.99 Large 13.99

with a fresh roll and butter add Crispy or grilled Chicken 5.99 or Scallops or Shrimp 9.99

Chef’s Salad 15.99 tossed salad with ham, turkey, egg, bacon and croutons.

Grand Mariner’s Salad 22.99

Caesar Salad topped with steamed jumbo shrimp (3) and scallops (3)

Soup of the Day 6.99 with a fresh roll and butter

1 lb. Chicken Wings 14.99 carrots & celery, ranch dip

Bloomin’ Onion 12.99 carrots & celery and spicy mayo

Calamari with garlic aioli $14.99

Deep fried pepperoni 8.99 carrots & celery, honey mustard

Deep fried mushrooms 11.99 carrots & celery, honey mustard

Deep fried pickles 11.99 carrots & celery, honey mustard

Beef or Chicken Nachos 16.99

black olives and sweet peppers, salsa, sour cream, jalapenos

Family Size Beef or Chicken Nachos 23.99

Mozza Sticks 10.99 carrots & celery, ranch dip

Onion rings 8.99 side 5.99

Fresh cut fries 5.99 side 3.99

Sweet potato fries 8.99 side 5.99

Poutine 9.99 side 4.99

Deluxe Poutine 12.99 with hamburger and onions

~~~Hearty Platters~~~ Served with fresh cut fries and coleslaw.

Club House Platter 14.99 triple decker white toast or wrap

Crispy or grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap Platter 14.99

Chicken Fingers Platter 14.99

Hot Hamburger Sandwich 14.99 with green peas

Hot Turkey Sandwich 16.99 with green peas

Burger Platters 13.99 make it a “Billy Mac” - tastes just like the other famous “Mac” burger

Hotdog Platters 11.99

Black Bean Vegan Burger Platter 14.99

Chicken Burger Platter 14.99 Crispy or grilled chicken, mayo, lettuce and tomato

Lumberjack Platter 15.99 double burger with lettuce, tomato and mayo.

You can also add “the works”

Lumberjack Deluxe Platter 16.99 mozza and bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo

Caesar salad, onion rings, or poutine $2.50 extra

~~~Complete Dinner~~~

Choice of appetizer – cup of soup or starter salad

Fresh rolls and butter Coleslaw

Choice of potato and vegetables Tea or Coffee

Traditional Roast Turkey Dinner with all the fixins’ 26.99

Country Kitchen Dinner 26.99 Traditional Turkey dinner with Baked ham

Fish Fry Dinner 26.99 lightly floured haddock sauteed in butter

Fundy Platter 35.99 Haddock, jumbo shrimp, scallops with garlic butter

Hamburger Steak Dinner 19.99 8 oz. hamburger and onions smothered in gravy

~~~Platters – Seafood~~~

Served with fresh cut fries, coleslaw, lemon and tartar sauce

Fish & Chips 18.99 Small 15.99

Fish Taco Platter 16.99

Fish Burger Platter 15.99

Seafood Platter - deep fried scallops (3). Shrimp (3), haddock and calamari  29.99

Bay of Fundy Scallops 26.99

Whole Clams Platter – 27.99

Seafood Imperial - deep fried scallops (3). Shrimp (3), haddock and whole clams 37.99

Bar Menu Available

 Long Bay Brewery "Ruckus"    Bud Light , Stella  & Samuel Adams Boston Lager on Tap

Children’s Menu Available

Keep posted on our hours and specials on our website