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Call Ahead

In this ever changing world, we at the Timberland are constantly adapting our offering to compliment the market for our valued customers. The global pandemic, being the most challenging so far, isn't the first time we have had to transition our normal to what our customers need at this moment.

There may be a "New Normal" developing in your favorite restaurant.

With the ever changing requirements that Restaurateurs have to comply with, there will be adaptations to their nomal.

hours are limitedd. most restaurants limit their hours to open late, close early. this is necessary to cut down on labor, overhead, includins heaqting, eqquipemnt use costs,

My family moved to Sussex from Saint John in 1975. My sister Patricia Ackerman and I ( Catherine MacIntyre) have each worked 46 years in the business. Patty and I, along with our two sisters, one brother and both parents worked and lived through decades of Timberland Life. We employed numerous great people, entertained numerous great people, worked with and survived numerous great people. We saw the USA travel in the 70's when the exchange was to their advantage; we saw back up business from travel heading for PEI in the summer before PEI had enough places to stay; we saw the first hole drilled for development for potash in Penobsquis; disco dancing happened here; PCS developed, we sailed through a recession; we found natural gas and developed numerous wells in Penobsquis, Potash Corp developed Picadilly; our highway (TCH #2) was bypassed in 1997. ; PCS mine was flooding ; a moratorium was put in place for natural gas exploration; the Potash Corp mine closed